The Naija Food Philosopher (Paperback)

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These pages bear a song of sweet celebration. Every meal eaten, every friend who broke bread with me and each pot put on the fire, have all played their part in this song. Food after all is music to be enjoyed at all times. The cover for this book is very personal. I thought of changing it when the EndSars protests ended up with a bloodied National flag as its enduring iconic image. But then I thought again. The people have no problem with Nigerian food or water; after all water and food have no enemies. They were demonstrating against the poverty of good governance and the hunger in the land. A hunger further exposed by the looting of warehouses where Covid 19 relief supplies had been hoarded in Lagos.

This book is about food and the story of mankind cannot be told without what we eat. Nigeria is the setting but the themes ring true in every culture on the planet. The Nigerian plate is a very special place as is all the plates in the world and it is my sincere hope that I have done these plates justice.

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ISBN: 9780955139024
ISBN-10: 0955139023
Publisher: Wilson Orhiunu Publications
Publication Date: December 18th, 2020
Pages: 320
Language: English