Dr. Cimino's Weight Loss Solution: The No Calorie Counting, No Exercise, Rapid Weight Loss Plan (Paperback)

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Dr. Cimino utilized the power of hormones to lose 116 pounds in 6 months. No calorie counting. No exercise. Just pure fat-melting power.
Let's face it: in the last 50 years, the world has become fat In 1960, obesity rates were close to 4%. Today, the obesity rate is 42% - nearly half of us What changed?

The Dr. Cimino Weight Loss Solution philosophy is simple: in an effort to return to a time when humans were effortlessly thin, we eliminate all of the changes to our foods which have happened over the last 50 years - the time in which obesity has increased ten fold

Next, we eliminate foods that cause insulin resistance and insulin surges within the body. Because insulin controls fat storage, reducing this hormone results in one thing: we melt to our goal weight

As a type 1 diabetic, Dr. Cimino is in a unique position to show you which foods cause the most insulin resistance and the highest insulin surges - and where they are hiding in our foods

Dr. Cimino used this simple technique to lose 116 pounds in 6 months.
From the Author
Greetings My name is Dr. Scott Cimino. I am both a physician and a type 1 diabetic. At age 34, I weighed 302 pounds. After 15 years of obesity, I had tried every diet and exercise program known to man. Each worked for a while, but then my weight loss slowed down, and ultimately, I failed.

After watching the same cycle happen to my patients, I decided to attack the problem of obesity from a different direction. What if obesity is not caused by too much food and too little exercise? What if the problem stems from something Americans have changed in our diet? After all, almost no one was obese in the 1960s. Today, nearly half of us are obese. If obesity can be traced to a cause, then it can also present a cure

Inside this book you will find the hormonal key to effortless fat-burning. This program will cause you to lose weight like nothing you have experienced before. I know, because I did it If you have pounds to shed and would like to understand the scientific reasons behind your weight, then welcome to the Dr. Cimino Weight Loss Solution. I can't wait for you to get started

On the Dr. Cimino Weight Loss Solution:
  • Eat Delicious Foods
  • Learn Which Foods Directly Lead to Obesity
  • Harness the Hormonal Power of Insulin and Glucagon to Lose Weight Effortlessly
  • Retake Control of Your Natural Hormonal Weight Loss Mechanisms
  • Decrease Hunger Levels
  • Fix Blood Glucose Levels and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes
  • Lose Weight Quickly, Effortlessly, and Regain Control of Your Life

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