Debbie Macomber Cedar Cove Compact Disc Collection: 44 Cranberry Point/50 Harbor Street (Abridged / Compact Disc)

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Two of Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove novels in a single collection

44 Cranberry Point

Dear Listener,

Jack and I are just back from our honeymoon, and I'm eager to catch up with my friends Bob and Peggy Beldon, who run the Thyme and Tide bed-and-breakfast at 44 Cranberry Point. It's a popular place but (needless to say ) things haven't been the same since a man died there. Turns out his name was Max Russell, and Bob had known him briefly in Vietnam. Nobody has any idea why he showed up or--most important of all--who killed him. Because it now appears that he was poisoned. I sure hope, especially for Bob and Peggy's sake, that somebody figures it out soon

Not that they're providing the only news in Cedar Cove these days. Romance seems to be everywhere among my family and friends. I'm pleased to report that Grace Sherman has more than her share of interested men. Her daughter Maryellen is getting married to Jon Bowman. And my mother, Charlotte, seems to have a man in her life, too. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet....

There's lots of other gossip I could tell you. Join me at Peggy's place for a cup of tea and one of her fabulous blueberry muffins and we'll talk.

Olivia Lockhart-Griffin
Cedar Cove, Washington

50 Harbor Street

Dear Listeners,

Believe it or not, we have another mystery in Cedar Cove This one, ironically enough, involves the McAfees--Roy, who's a private investigator, and his wife, Corrie. They've been receiving anonymous postcards and messages asking if they "regret the past." Corrie says she has no idea what any of it means....

On a more positive note, they're both delighted that their daughter, Linnette, has moved to Cedar Cove to work at the new medical clinic. And when Corrie attended the humane society's "Dog and Bachelor Auction," she bought Linnette a date with Cal Washburn, who works at Cliff Harding's horse farm. Unfortunately, Linnette seems less enthusiastic about this than Corrie is.

Speaking of Cliff, the romance between him and Grace Sherman is back on. But that's only one of the many interesting stories here in town. Corrie's invited you and me for a coffee at the McAfee house--that's 50 Harbor Street--and we'll tell you everything we know

Olivia Lockhart-Griffin
Cedar Cove, Washington

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ISBN: 9781491542439
ISBN-10: 1491542438
Abridged: Yes
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication Date: April 21st, 2015
Language: English
Series: Cedar Cove