Paleo Happy Hour: The Paleo Approach to Small Plates, Appetizers, and Drinks with Friends (Paperback)

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In "Paleo Happy Hour: The Paleo Approach to Small Plates, Appetizers, and Drinks with Friends," you're about to discover how to become the ultimate social butterfly without deviating from your commitment to health. That's right ladies and gents, you CAN enjoy a busy and satisfying social life - Paleo Style Let's face it, nobody likes to be the wet blanket who always says no to social gatherings or even worse "That Guy" who stands at the party acting as a conveyor belt for everyone else's snacks without ever sampling any themselves. At the end of a long, busy and stressful week, we all want to let our hair down a bit, have a meal out with friends and maybe even indulge in a libation or two, but when you decided to follow the Paleo way, you thought those days were gone for good. Well they don't have to be I'm here to show you that you can still enjoy nights out, parties, and yes, even the occasional drink (we'll explain that inside) without fear that you are doing irreparable harm to your body or undoing all the good you have done since you've been on Paleo. This book is your ultimate happy hour guide From appetizers, to small plates, pub grub, sides, sweet treats and even a few drinks - this book has it all So dust off your dancing shoes - its party time people Here Is a Preview of What You'll Learn... How to rev up your social life, so you can actually go out with friends and not be stuck with another bland chicken breast with a side of broccoli and a glass of water How to enjoy happy hour guilt free, you don't have to be a teetotaler the rest of your life if you don't want to and we explain the hows and whys How to cater for any social gathering Paleo style, and your friends won't even realize what they are eating is "diet food" With appetizers like Mushroom Bites and Chargrilled Calamari Super sides like Onion Rings, Jalapeno Poppers, and Crispy Golden Plantains For Small Plates Tapas-Style why not try Fruity Fish Ceviche with Spiced Carrot Chips, or Mini Quiche Bites What about some Pub Grub Favorites like Meaty Somosas or Boneless BBQ Riblets And what person with a sweet tooth could turn down Caramel Salted Ice Cream ? In addition to all of the recipes, we share how and what to order when you are out, so you can enjoy the fun, have good flavors, and not be stressed about your "diet" And finally some great recipes for Paleo Friendly "Adult Beverages" like a Ruby Skye Cocktail, Spicy Mimosas, or Minty Mojitos And much more.

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Publication Date: August 27th, 2014
Pages: 70
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