Performers Theater: Out On The House-Boat Deck (Paperback)

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On my Wall-Of-Frames in the House-Boat Studio, is a picture of a house in which I lived back when I was in Hartford, CT back in 1987. I love the simple architecture of this house, I adored that observation deck above the enclosed patio out front. This could be my ideal House-Boat Studio, but someone out there could yell, That doesn't look like a House-Boat to me Well, in my mind, in my fantasy and dream, this is my House-Boat Studio. I managed to blow the taking of this photo when I first attempted to capture the image back on 04AUG16. I don't remember what happened--maybe I slipped off the curb from the sidewalk across the street--who knows? The Dutch-angle look has a certain appeal, doesn't it? I've taken on Una Lovingston and Gregory Gregarious for my new personas, and this year in the House-Boat Studio, you shall be in our Visions&Videos workshops. We're going with all our character studies & all of our new Supra-Heroes on campus on this Voyage with us. You have lined up out on the House-Boat Deck, ready to audition for us. The Hovering Herons hate, and hate is their her legacy. And this, Henrietta Heron, is what goes on in the House-Boat Studio Meanwhile, we've got you on our clipboards in the House-Boat Studio, and we're sitting on the House-Boat Deck with all of our characters on our minds in these times. And we've got our eyes on you out on the House-Boat Deck, where nobody but ourselves exist. And we're all magnets for each other and for intelligent flirtations. 02DEC16 Worcester, MA.

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