Performers Theater: Universal Minds (Paperback)

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It's time to tone up & slim down. It's time to stop smoking. It's time to mix&mesh the live with the taped or recorded. It's time to get my libido back. It's time you gotta start lookin' real close It's time I took some time off away from the World Wide Web, so I'm not inundating everybody It's time we started checking each other out It's just theater, man It's all good. It's time to revisit Beach Patrol while celebrating Independence Day. Thank You x3 for my page views on Anything Theater and at Camp Sporaticus On Performers Theater, the arrows are pointing up this week. Now that's an email I'll keep Thank You x3 I just met this Lad who reminds me of you. I know who to look for-and when to look for it. When you look in the mirror, you'll see me wearing your thigh-high shorts It's time you gotta start lookin' real close The Collages we've created together were designed to make everybody look real close; and when you watch the Video, you'll have 15 second increments to get what you can out of each Vision. Because, remember, the Visions evoke the Verses It's time to send the bank checks x3 @ a time That's what happens when they don't have automatic deposit. We're about to embark on the wonderful world of WOW It's just theater now It's all HIP It's time to get into the Universal Mind and into the Art Of Transitional Thought. 08DEC16 Worcester, MA.

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ISBN: 9781541073494
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Publication Date: December 12th, 2016
Pages: 32
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