Faith of Atheists Vs Christians (Hardcover)

Faith of Atheists Vs Christians By David Lewis Cover Image
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You fall and break your leg, the kitchen catches fire, neighbor Sam has a heart attack, one of your family crashes the car-now what belief helps you through the crisis? What faith do you have as a cane or crutch to guide you? Let us consider your faith possibilities-such as friends, or organizations, or scientific concepts like gravity or evolution-as the faith to sustain you. A Christian friend shares his faith that Christ came back from death, and his belief in a Creator and the miracle of a virgin birth. But what, as an atheist, can guide and support you? There are hundreds of thousands of atheists in the world, so we all probably meet and talk with and write to many each day. One purpose of this work is to better understand what faiths atheists have, so as to get along better with one another, especially with those having different beliefs. We will look at some famous atheists and review what influenced them and what changed for some of them as they matured into adults from childhood. We will make some comparisons between atheists and those calling themselves Christians.

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ISBN: 9781644166512
ISBN-10: 1644166518
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: November 11th, 2018
Pages: 160
Language: English