Tickle Your Mind Through Time (Hardcover)

Tickle Your Mind Through Time By Manuel Garcia Cover Image
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The 80 cartoons presented in this book are not only funny but are presented as colorful works of art. These amazing cartoons make one think before they laugh. They take the reader on a journey from prehistoric times (dinosaurs and jungles), to modern times (cars, sports and office life), and on to possible future times (trips to the Moon, Mars and even visits by aliens). These outlandish comical illustrations, in time, will also open the reader's mind to moments never imagined, as some will also show potential new concepts and inventions yet to exist. How is this possible? Perhaps because the author is an inventor himself - Manuel Garcia who has created numerous puzzle and board games some of which are on the market now - visit Kadon Enterprises for details - he has also written two children's books: The Grass Chopper & Grass Chopper and the Dragonfly. His mind is definitely out there So, don't miss out on the fun See these amazing full pages of colorful cartoons which were painted by a professional artist (Milton Bass) and are so beautiful to look at, they could become paintings to frame and hang on your home or office wall.

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ISBN: 9781734410495
ISBN-10: 1734410493
Publisher: Gwog
Publication Date: September 14th, 2022
Pages: 88
Language: English