Beginner's Guide for Raising Chicken: Facilities Breed Selection, Feeding and Managing (Hardcover)

Beginner's Guide for Raising Chicken: Facilities Breed Selection, Feeding and Managing Cover Image
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DescriptionDo you want to learn how to raise chickens? Then keep reading...

Raising chicken can be both fun and rewarding but, for beginners it may be a bit challenging To become a successful chicken raiser, one should be ready and prepared before indulging into this chicken raising journey.

Throughout this book, you will learn some basic guides in starting your own chicken backyards. It covers the ABC's of raising chickens and everything you need to know to set up your backyard before you bring your chicks home: from the legal implications to what you need in a coop, to chicken breeds and making the purchase operation more effecient and economical.

Further, it will help you personally to assess the level of your commitment, dedication and your passion especially when inevitable challenges may arise along the journey. Finding the right formula creates an environment that makes your role as a chicken keeper more enjoyable and provides your chickens with a happy and healthy life.

This book covers the following topics:

  • Shelter Requirements
  • Choosing A Perfect Breed
  • Chick Disposition
  • Becoming A 'Chicken Person'
  • Chicken Behavioral Basics
  • Food And Water
  • How To Feed Your Chickens
  • The Importance Of Consistent Watering
  • Morning and Evening Routines
  • Predators
  • Weather Considerations
  • Cleanups
  • Chicken Health Care and Issues
  • Biosecurity
  • Common Chicken Diseases
  • Laying Chicken Management
  • Raising Chickens For Eggs
  • Managing A Breeder Chicken
  • Hatching the eggs
  • Caring Chickens
  • Meat Chicken Management
...And much more

The purpose of this book is to provide you, with all the information you need to gain confidence in raising chickens. It aims to share knowledge and ideas in the simplest way possible especially for beginners to decide on the size and numbers of the chickens to raise, know the different breeds and be able to identify your reason for keeping them which in turn, will help you in your chicken raising journey. It wishes to guide you to be acquainted with the realities of being an owner. The book also presented a glimpse on the financial aspect, preparing you to allocate resources by enumerating the necessities needed so that when situations call for it, like when your flock already needs chicken coops, the incubators when temperatures and climate requires it, the daily feed requirements and supplements and several others, you will be able handle them with ease.

Hopefully, this book will supply you with a variety of ideas and methods so you can choose those that are suitable for your situation. It is with utmost hope that after reading this, and with everything you have learnt so far, you are now ready to raise chicken with excitement, zealousness and confidence.

Be ready for a backyard adventure Go, and may the breed of your chickens multiply and increase

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ISBN: 9781801531696
ISBN-10: 1801531692
Publisher: Drim Publishing Ltd
Publication Date: January 2nd, 2021
Pages: 140
Language: English