Mediterranean Diet Bowls Cookbook: 2 Books In 1: Over 200 Recipes For Preparing Mediterranean Ketogenic And Vegetarian Bowls (Paperback)

Mediterranean Diet Bowls Cookbook: 2 Books In 1: Over 200 Recipes For Preparing Mediterranean Ketogenic And Vegetarian Bowls By Adele Tyler Cover Image
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Do you want to cook perfect bowls for a balanced and healthy diet? In this 2 books in 1 edition, you will learn the basics of Mediterranean diet and over 200 recipes for tasty dishes and bowls

Mediterranean diet and bowls are a perfect match. Discover why

In the first book, Bowls Cookbook for Beginners, you will learn how to combine ingredients within modern bowls.

Bowls are extremely trendy lately. One of the reasons might be their insta-friendly colors and shape. Another solid reason is the convenience of a quick one dish complete meal. A third reason can be found in the nutrition facts that are often balanced due to the presence of both carbs and proteins.

Regardless the reasons begin bowls' success, this dish is part of our modern food culture and you might want to prepare it at home, using your favorite ingredients or exploring new recipes.

Bowls are easy to make. You will need four main ingredients:

  1. base (rice, quinoa, etc)
  2. Proteins (fish, meat, beans, etc)
  3. Vegetables (carrots, red cabbage, avocado, etc)
  4. Garnish (oil, mayo, spicy sauces, etc)

You will just need to combine these main ingredients to create endless combinations of amazing flavors and aromas.

In Bowls Cookbook for Beginners you will learn:

  • How to prepare the most amazing bowls at home
  • Over 100 recipes for cooking bowls in your kitchen
  • Ketogenic bowls for ketogenic diet
  • Mediterranean bowls for fresh and healthy recipes
  • Vegetarian bowls for veggie tasty dishes
  • Vegan bowls for plant based recipes

When creating a bowl, the only limit sits in your mind and fantasy. Follow the recipes, but be bold and try interesting combo, you might end up creating something amazing.

In the second book, Mediterranean Cookbook, you will discover the power of the ingredients by the Mediterranean Sea, that have fed millions of human beings for at least three millenniums.
Everything there is strictly linked with the ingredients and the food cooked by local people. The food itself shaped the way of living of millions of people either close to the sea or up into the hills. What's magic there? Which are the benefits of the local "diet", that lately has been called "Mediterranean diet?"

Originally the Mediterranean diet was not intended as a real diet, but rather a way of cooking and living both ingredients and territory. There are intrinsic benefits linked with using the products of this area, though. It's easy to understand that populations relying on fish, dairy products, fruits, vegetables and olive oil has an overall better "diet" and that's where the inspiration was taken for creating a diet around an healthy behavior.

In this book by Adele Tyler you will lean:

  • Over 100 recipes to prepare Mediterranean dishes
  • Meal prep cookbook for Mediterranean healthy diet
  • History of Mediterranean diet and its benefits
  • How to prepare at home amazing dishes with fish, dairy products and vegetables
  • How to lose weight with Mediterranean recipes

With Mediterranean diet for beginners you will learn to cook amazing healthy recipes for yourself, family and friends, embracing a better lifestyle.

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