As a special feature of our New Orleans Independent Bookstore Day celebration, please come meet Grammy and Billboard Award winner Irvin Mayfield when he performs and presents & signs NEW ORLEANS PLAYHOUSE, his just released 304-page coffee table book that includes seven CDs of live music recorded at his Bourbon Street Jazz club.

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Saturday, May 9, 2015 - 3:00pm

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Octavia Books - 513 Octavia St. - New Orleans, LA 70115

Jazz has arrived. Grammy and Billboard Award winner Irvin Mayfield  has released his most ambitious writing project yet,  a 304-page coffee table book that includes seven CDs of live music recorded at his Bourbon Street Jazz club.

The book reflects on his unique experiences as a New Orleans native, a Jazz musician, and the many influences in his life including countless musicians, artists, photographers, chefs, teachers, and other mentors. Mayfield muses on memories from his early days of touring, crafts poetic dedications to the people he respects, and occasionally cracks a joke or shares a recipe with the style and charm for which he’s become known. Unifying and grounding the various stories, poems, and essays are two central concepts that permeate the book: jazz & love. Staying true to his mission to proliferate America’s art form, and to promote New Orleans as its cultural epicenter, Mayfield always returns to the cultural mooring of jazz and intertwines this with his simple desire to spread love to the world.

Illustrating the well-crafted words of this book is a collection of some of the most culturally significant photography and artwork by master craftspeople such as John Scott, Gordon Parks, George Rodrigue, Herman Leonard, Greg Miles, and Erika Goldring. Rounding out Mayfield’s writings are an introduction by biographer Walter Isaacson, a foreword by novelist Ernest Gaines, and an afterword by trumpeter and jazz-master Wynton Marsalis, as well as essays by Peter Kunhardt, Jr. and Andre Perry

Conceptually laid out in seven sections, each dedicated to a day of the week, the book mirrors the event it was born out of: The Love Sessions, an annual weeklong event held at Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, in which all proceeds raised were donated to a different New Orleans non-profit each night of the week. The seven CDs accompanying the books are live recordings from The Love Sessions and showcase the talents of the New Orleans Jazz Playhouse Revue: Vincent Gardner, Adonis Rose, Peter Harris, Jason Marshall, Derek Douget, and John Chin. The album also features several special guest artists including: Jamison Ross, Michael Watson, Davell Crawford, Sasha Masakowski, Steve Masakowski, Gerald French, Shannon Powell, George Porter Jr., James Rivers, Don Vappie, Leon Brown, and Ronald Markham.

"With this book and these recordings, Irvin Mayfield connects our past and present with vignettes on three muses: truth, love, and beauty. As a son of New Orleans, as a trumpeting descendant of Buddy Bolden, as a proprietor of the most successful bona fide Jazz club on historic Bourbon Street, he is absolutely qualified to tell our story. He understands that if we are to remain ourselves, our story must be told and retold—remembered and reinvented—at each telling."
- Wynton Marsalis

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