9-11 Comic Book

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10th Anniversary Commemorative Edition
A Legue of Notions Produciton True Tale
Illustrated by Alan Gerson, Written by N.P. Clearly

Packing blunt storytelling and gut-grabber artwork, THE 9-11 COMIC BOOK recounts the events of 9-11 with horror and hope. The Narrator is none other than the Angel of Death. League of Notions True Tales No. 1.

Author's Note: THE 9-11 COMIC BOOK began as a compulsion and ended up here. In the fall of 2010, I realized two things. The first was that 9-11 was a decade past and the second was what I felt -- thinking about it, my emotions boiled up into my brain. Sometime in early November, I stayed up and wrote the graphic novel. It was 9-11 as told by the Angel of Death, plain and simple, without honking pundits, analysis, political twist-stuff-around, you got it. A short time later, artist Alan Gerson read it and consented to illustrate, wielding a ferocious ink. We hope it touches you.



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