The Essential Louisiana Cookbook

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Louisiana is one of the few places in America having retained its distinct culinary identity. Cajun and Creole mix with French, Spanish, African, Native American, Caribbean and German cultures, among others, to create a tasty gumbo, simmered in a flavorful roux of history and finished off with a healthy douse of political hot sauce — pick your favorite brand.

Author Stanley DryLouisiana Life “Kitchen Gourmet” columnist, former senior editor of Food & Wine magazine and accomplished cook — brings all of the history, culture and spice together in his first book, The Essential Louisiana Cookbook, a Louisiana Life product by Renaissance Publishing. From classics, such as red beans and rice and a variety of delectable gumbos, to modern creations sure to become weeknight traditions, this collection of recipes is sure to become a go-to for native Louisianans and those new to the state’s rich culinary landscape.


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