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At his twenty five year high school reunion, Harris Greenberg finds out that his class valedictorian has gone missing. In an attempt to run away from his own problems, Harris embarks on a desperate mission to find him. Enlisting the help of old friends, Gordon Lipschitz is found in the most unlikely place, a shell of his former self. The search becomes a journey of self-discovery for four friends whose lives turned out much differently than any of them expected.

Finding Gordon Lipschitz thrusts the reader down the endless rabbit hole of Harris Greenberg’s hilariously entertaining midlife crisis and sends them sputtering into New Orleans; a place of enchantment, hurricanes, healing and best of all, rebirth.
– Lauren Adam, Where Y’at Magazine

Finding Gordon Lipschitz is a gritty, coming-of-age novel for adults. Harris Greenberg’s search for his long-lost highschool friend is funny, tense, and poignant. The story is an absolute winner.
– James Thayer, author of “White Star”

Shane Finkelstein grew up in Valley Stream, Long Island and majored in English at the University of Maryland. After college, he moved to Atlanta and published a magazine called University Reporter, which subsequently became INsite Magazine. After nine years in Atlanta, he met his soon to be wife Courtney and they travelled around the world in Y2K. Returning to the states, Shane and Courtney moved to New Orleans and opened five restaurants over the next decade. During his time in the Big Easy, Shane wrote articles for INsite Magazine, Where Yat Magazine and the New Orleans Levee. Finding Gordon Lipschitz is his first full-length novel. He currently resides in Uptown New Orleans, has three children and is working on his first screenplay.


FINDING GORDON LIPSCHITZ - A Novel by Shane Finkelstein
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