MARDI GRAS IN NEW ORLEANS: An Illustrated History (expanded & revised 5th edition) by Arthur Hardy

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Written for the casual Carnival observer as well as the veteran Mardi Gras fan, Mardi Gras in New Orleans: An Illustrated History is a concise and comprehensive pictorial account of the celebration from ancient times in Europe to post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans. With more than 350 vintage and contemporary illustrations and 60,000 words of text. It is the ultimate resource on the celebration, past and present. The volume includes a complete dictionary of terms and Mardi Gras Q & A.

This updated 5th edition features an expanded reference section that provides details on hundreds of Carnival organizations, including the identities of more than 5,000 kings and queens.

“It is a treasure trove for Carnival aficionados and scholars. But more than that, this book belongs in school and public libraries, and on the family book shelf. This painstaking labor will benefit generations of future Carnival researchers. Hardy makes a significant contribution to Mardi Gras history.”
-Susan Larson

9" x 12" hardback with dust jacket, 144 pages including index


MARDI GRAS IN NEW ORLEANS cover - enlarged view
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