REX: 150 Years of the School of Design by Stephen W. Hales with preface by Walter Isaacson - 9780930892838

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Published to celebrate the Rex Organization’s 150th Anniversary, Rex: 150 Years of the School of Design provides a decade-by-decade account of a century and a half of colorful Rex history. This limited-edition volume was written by Rex Historian and Archivist Stephen Hales with a preface by noted New Orleans journalist and author Walter Isaacson

  • 256 pages—the largest and most comprehensive New Orleans Carnival krewe history ever published
  • Oversized coffee table commemorative volume
  • More than 800 illustrations (many published for the first time)
  • Portraits of every King of Carnival and all but one Queen of Carnival
  • An extensive compendium documenting every King, Queen, Maid, Duke, Page, parade date, theme, ball venue and nearly 4,000 float titles

Proceeds from the publication benefit the Crescent City Carnival Museum Foundation and the Pro Bono Publico Foundation.

ISBN: 9780930892838
On sale date: November 15, 2021


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