ROMA OSSERVATA (Rome Observed) by Errol Barron

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This new book by Errol Barron is a collection of drawings and watercolors of the historic center of Rome that depicts the monuments, spaces, and details of the city in a highly personal, often humorous, way.

Errol Barron is the Richard Koch Professor of Architecture at Tulane University and in that capacity taught in Rome in 2011 and 2012 when he made the drawings that are accompanied by descriptive text in English and Italian. Two essays provide a context for the drawings: one by Professor Romolo Martemucci, Director of the Pantheon Institute, focusing on the essential act of observation and one by Professor Barron, Roma/Nola, considering Rome and its relation to American cites, particularly New Orleans. The book follows the format of his popular book NEW ORLEANS OBSERVED – Observations of America’s Most Foreign City. Stitch bound, it replicates the drawing books of Professor Barron in their original size, and is both a souvenir for those who love Rome and an excursion for those who love cities and take pleasure in drawings.


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