Tucks Makes Fifty: Legacies of an Irreverent, Joyful Carnival Krewe by Coleman Warner

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The Carnival parading and gala season is all about tradition, ritual and a sense of history blended with fun. A half-century ago, a new sort of Carnival organization, the Krewe of Tucks, began challenging tradition, infusing the celebration with new rituals and symbols, leaving its own mark on the New Orleans cultural narrative. This book tells the Tucks story through images, illustrations and vivid memories of krewe members. Records and numerous media accounts help to complet the picture.

Founded by Loyola University fraternity brothers and their friends, determined to make a splash even when resources were scarce (using boats on trailers as floats, when needed), Tucks steadily gained members, grand floats and marketing clout through the years. It plowed through challenges. The krewe earned respect and fostered networks of friendship as it delivered good times to members and countless spectators. Along the way, it has held fast to a youthful, mischievous spirit. For Tucks, middle age feels pretty good, and this unique Mardi Gras story is still unfolding.

Coleman Warner, a writer, historian and museum executive, spent twenty-five years with The Times-Picayune in New Orleans, following reporting stints with The Clarion-Ledger (in Mississippi) and The Denver Post.  His love of history led to graduate studies at the University of New Orleans and to work on family history projects. He is currently immersed in war history, serving in administrative and research roles at The National WWII Museum. 



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