What The Sleepy Animals Do at The Audubon Zoo by Grace Millsaps & Ryan Murphy, illustrations by John Clark IV & Alyson Kilday

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A children's picture book - written, illustrated and set in New Orleans - that captures the charm of the city with rich illustrations and playful rhyme.

Have you ever taken a child to the zoo and had to explain why the animals were not as active as they expected? That’s what happened to Renee’s father when he took his daughter to New Orleans’ Audubon Zoo.

“The lions were lazy.
The snakes just snored.
The dolphins were drowsy.
The boars were… a bore.”

Renee asks her dad why the animals were sleeping all day. Her father doesn’t know, but as dads are wont to do, he makes up an elaborate story instead of just saying, “I don’t know.”  He tells about how the animals were playing music, dancing, having feasts, and playing games all night long!

“The hippos hip hop.
The flamingos flamenco.
The rhinos rock out.
The tarantulas tango.”

He explains that by the time the zoo opens, the animals are all tuckered out. Renee doesn’t buy it, and tells him his story is too far-fetched to be true. Her father says that when the animals yawn, he can tell what they’ve been up to. In the end, Renee has to believe him because when they’re leaving, she catches a glimpse of a monkey with a guitar. Dad was right all along!

Grace Millsaps is an early childhood educator at Isidore Newman School and the Saint Charles Avenue Presbyterian Nursery School. She has taught children in China and Italy, and she has lived in Istanbul, Turkey. She is a troupe member at The New Movement, a theater for improvisational comedy in the Marigny. She writes a blog on child development and food at GraceMillsaps.com. Grace is a graduate of Emory University where she studied anthropology. She is married to Ryan Murphy.

John Clark IV is graphic designer and illustrator who co-founded the local creative agency HOP & JAUNT. He and his partner, Alyson Kilday, founded HOP & JAUNT during a year sabbatical while sailing through the Caribbean and South America. At the end of their travels, they decided to plant their design business in the only place that would satisfy their love for interesting places, New Orleans. John is the cartoonist for the Today in NOLA cartoon series that celebrates the quirks of life in New Orleans. He is a graduate of University of South Alabama.

Ryan Murphy is a local attorney, writer, comedian, and pedicab driver. While being born in New Orleans, he has traveled the globe, teaching at Heilongjiang Institute of Technology in Harbin, China and writing for China Economic Review magazine in Shanghai, China. He is a troupe member at The New Movement. He contributes to the local technology and entrepreneurship news site Silicon Bayou News. Ryan is a graduate of the University of Georgia and Boston University School of Law.

Alyson Kilday is co-founder of HOP & JAUNT | Creative Agency, a design and branding agency based in New Orleans. She and her partner, John Clark IV, moved to New Orleans to start their design agency after sailing through the Caribbean and South America. The name comes from their popular travel blog Alyson created while traveling. Having lived and visited over a dozen countries, Alyson speaks Japanese and Spanish fluently. Aly is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi.


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